About us

D&J Power-Hour

Home of the most POWERful podcast on the planet!

Welcome to our sanctuary! The home of your favorite trio discussing sports and life. We encourage ALL of our listeners to give us as much honest feedback as possible. If you’re a first time listener, or a loyal fan from the start your experience matters the most! We provide you entertainment, passion, and authenticity. You give us a topic, we will discuss and deliver it to you all without hesitation! We aren’t an ordinary sports show, and our extraordinary listeners will vouch on that. Available on all podcast platforms, listen to us anytime, anywhere. Head over to our contact us page where you can connect with us on all social media platforms! We love to connect, and build this brand together! #MambaMentality

  • We are honest
  • We are laugh out loud entertainment
  • We love what we do
  • We CARE about your listening experience.

Please reach out to us on the contact us page! Your experience matters the most! Let us know how we are doing. Inquiries about partnerships/collaboration please reach out also.

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